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Type species: Meandrograptus schmalenseei  Moberg, 1892
Original diagnosis (from Bulman 1932):

"Several thecae proceed directly from the sicula in the neighbourhood of the broad end. The form of the initial part recalls somewhat that of the genus
Dicellograptus. The distal parts of both branches are on the contrary constructed on the Didymograptus plan, for which reason ther new genus may to some extent be regarded as a connecting link between Dicellograptus and Didymograptus."

Bulman's description in
Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology V116-117):

"Reclined stipes of almost uniform width, composed of somewhat undulating elongate thecae with low inclination and large overlap; development of isograptid type, 1st theca of each stipe distally reclined."
Meandrograptus schmalenseei Moberg, 1892
Lower Ordovician of Sweden
From Bulman by Moberg

Specimen in the collection of the Swedish Geological Survey
Bulman, O.M.B. 1932.
On the graptolites prepared by Holm. - Archiv foer Zoologi, 24, 9.